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Designer paper invitation

Mod Glam Ensemble with 9mm Satin Ribbon Invitation

Designer paper 17x12.4cm all in one invitation
$ 6.80
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This new larger size ensemble invitation has a panel of designer paper (pictured below) with a 9mm double faced satin ribbon and a 10mm diamante buckle  or 15mm flatback (pictured below) and includes a gift poem and a perforated RSVP for your guests to send back. If a gift poem is not required, a verse may be substituted.

A new larger sise invitation that cost small letter postage.

Rose lace design enchantment design copy
                  Rose Lace Design                                                                              Enchantment Design


Diamante buckles 10mm web  Diamante flatbacks 15mm web 
    Square           Round         Rectangle    Heart      Diamante/Peral            Flatback clusters                                    
 double bow
             Showing Bow with Ribbon


modern glam inside web 2   New size RSVP web
             Inside View               Postide View showing RSVP

View 9mm Satin Ribbon


Personalised guest books are available in this design.