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Deluxe wedding invitations

Mod Glam with 38mm Satin RIbbon Ensemble Invitation

Designer paper 17x12.4cm all in one invitation
$ 8.80
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This new deluxe larger size ensemble invitation has a panel of designer paper with 38mm double faced satin ribbon and buckle and includes a gift poem and a perforated RSVP for your guests to send back. If a gift poem is not required, a verse may be substituted.

Available in two designs pictured below.

This invitation is available with 9mm and 16mm ribbon in a sepatate listing.

A larger size measuring 12.4 x 17cm and costs small letter postage cost.

15mm buckles

 ribbon 38mm web copy modern glam inside web 2   modern glam outside web
                      38mm Satin Ribbon Colours               Inside view           Ouside view

modern glam web  enchantment lge web 
              Bolero Design                 Enchantment Design

Personalised guest books are available in this design.